Find a PKD-Friendly Doctor

Finding a doctor that knows how to customize treatment for patients with a rare disease can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Please help us on our journey to find at least one PKD-friendly doctor per state, province, or country that has the knowledge and expertise on how to manage patients with PK deficiency.

Here’s our list, arranged by US regions. Please note that some pediatric hematologists may be open to treating adults, or vice versa, and you may ask when you contact their clinic. Use the doctor discussion guide when preparing for the next visit!


MT / ID / WY / CO / NM / AZ / UT / NV / CA / OR / WA / AK / HI

Dr. Kleber Yotsumoto Fetrin. Hematology. PKD Expert. Seattle, WA.

Dr. Bertil Glader. Pediatric Hematology. PKD Expert. Palo Alto, CA.

Dr. Taizo Nakano. Pediatric Hematology. PKD-friendly. Aurora, CO.


DE / MD / VA / WV / KY / NC / SC / TN / GA / FL / AL / MS / AR / LA / TX / OK / Washington DC

Dr. Satheesh Chonat. Pediatric Hematology. PKD Expert. Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Shelley Crary. Pediatric Hematology. PKD Expert. Little Rock, AR.

Dr. Jenny Despotoyic. Pediatric Hematology. PKD-friendly. Houston, TX.

Dr. Ellis Neufeld. Pediatric Hematology. PKD Expert. Memphis, TN.

Dr. Jennifer Rothman. Pediatric Hematology. PKD Expert. Durham, NC.

Dr. Marcin Wlodarski. Pediatric Hematology. PKD-friendly. Memphis, TN.


OH / MI / IN / WI / IL / MN / IA / MO / ND / SD / NE / KS

Dr. Alexander Boucher. Pediatric Hematology. PKD Expert. Minneapolis, MN.

Dr. Morey Blinder. Hematology. PKD Expert. Saint Louis, MO

Dr. Nathan Kobrinsky. Pediatric Hematology. PKD Expert. Fargo, ND.

Dr. Heng Wang. Pediatrician. PKD Expert. Middlefield, OH.


ME / NH / VT / MA / RI / CT / NY / NJ / PA

Dr. Hanny Al-Samkari. Hematology. PKD Expert. Boston and Danvers, MA.

Dr. Alan Cohen. Pediatric Hematology. PKD-friendly. Philadelphia, PA.

Dr. Patrick Gallagher. Pediatric Hematology. PKD Expert. New Haven, CT.

Dr. Rachael Grace. Pediatric Hematology. PKD Expert. Boston, MA.

Dr. Janet Kwiatkowski. Pediatric Hematology. PKD-friendly. Philadelphia, PA.

Dr. Patrick McGann. Pediatric Hematology. PKD-friendly. Providence, RI.

Dr. Sujit Sheth. Pediatric Hematology. PKD Expert. New York City, NY.

Do You Have a Great Health Care Provider?

The Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency community would love to connect with your favorite PKD-friendly primary care, pediatric, hematology, mental health, and alternative practitioners so we can share them with the community! Please email with:

  • Provider’s full name and title, clinic and city location
  • A web link to the provider’s profile, if available
  • A comment on the provider’s familiarity with PKD

Disclaimer: The doctors and providers on this page have consented to participate and are aware that potential patients may contact them in the future. While many PK deficiency patients and caregivers may have had positive experiences with some of these providers, the nature of future patient-provider relationships is not guaranteed.