Patient Assistance & Treatment Resources

Note: Information on Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Anemia may be included because these diseases are similar hemolytic anemias.

Patient Assistance

National Institute of Health Clinical Trials Database Search /

Free genetic testing through Anemia ID

myAgios Patient Support Services

Novartis Jadenu (medication) Assistance Program

GoodRx Prescription Drug Savings Card

Financial Aid for Patients & Families (NIH)

Medicaid & CHIP Health Insurance

Social Security Disability Income Application

Social Security Disability Evaluation for Hematological Disorders in Adults

Social Security Disability Evaluation for Hematological Disorders in Children

Treatment Resources

Rocket Pharma Gene Thearpy Powerpoint Information (2022)

Lentiviral gene therapy for pyruvate kinase deficiency (video) (2021)

Genotype-Response Correlation In Drive PK, A Phase 2 Study Of Mitapivat (AG-348) In Patients With Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (2019)

Report an Adverse Event or Serious Problem to the FDA

Study Opportunities

Peak Registry Study /in progress

Gene Therapy (Pediatric) / start date was July 6, 2020

Mitapivat in Pediatric Patients / 2022

Mental Healthcare

Tools for Student Mental Health (2022)

Find a Therapist / Psychology Today

10 Young People Changing Their Communities For Mental Health / Mental Health America

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